Saturday, May 18, 2013


In the body there are hearts, and in the hearts,
there is a anonymous space. 
Your hands grasped in the door key. 
The tiny space, it is more smooth than silk fibers. 
Speaking in a language that is only understood by the conscience. 
So weak it whispered, 
till thou sometimes undisturbed. 
Only presence continues to be felt, 
and if there is anything with your world is collapsing like a rainbow after a drizzle decays.

Do you know that love is blinding the lost world? 
a dazzling light until you're trapped, 
and your mind will become only time you pent the target. 
Many expands the boundary line so you lulled into, 
and the compliments you submit everything prepared. 
The small key you deem most precious gift.
One line lest you brush away, 
opening up is not the same as handing. 
In the small space, there is a terrace for the guest. 
Only you are entitled to exist in the nucleus of your own heart.

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