Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Duncan : I'm a shy...

Dunc: I'm shy with my dates

FORMER Blue star Duncan James has admitted he's a shy guy when it comes to the opposite sex.

Duncan, 29, is starring in a one-off sitcom on Channel 4 in which he parodies himself.
In Plus One, Duncan plays 'Duncan-from-Blue' - a boyband member who marries a girl who has dumped her boyfriend to be with him.
The appearance comes hot off the back of his starring role in the West End production of Chicago, in which he played Billy Flynn.
But, in real life Duncan says he's a million miles away from the ladies man he was portrayed to be during his time with Blue.
"I'm actually really shy when it comes to dating. I'm not really confident at all. When it comes to chatting someone up, I'm really nervous. I'm not the kind of guy who would go out and pull a girl, take her home and snog her."
"I'm not the character I was perceived as playing in Blue," he continued.
"We were all given characters - Lee was the cheeky one, Duncan was the ladies' man - and we all had different roles to play. The stories would come out to hype up our images. It wasn't necessarily us, but that was what the record company wanted," he said.
But, he relished the opportunity to lampoon his boyband persona in the Channel 4 show and hopes viewers will appreciate his efforts.
"The programme makers wanted me to play this character 'Duncan-From-Blue'," he explained. "It's very tongue in cheek.
"This is a great opportunity to have a go at something different and take the mickey out of myself and hopefully people will watch it and think it's funny.
"I love the fact that everyone calls me Duncan-From-Blue on the show," he laughed, "because that's what people call me! They come up to me and don't say 'It's Duncan James', or 'There's that guy Duncan'. They come right up to my face and say 'Hi Duncan-From-Blue'."
And, despite recent rumours, Duncan said that the boys are NOT about to get back together.
"I'm at a place in my life where I wouldn't want to go back, even if it means I was skint and didn't have a job. I'd rather go into management, or producing and directing. I don't want to step back into that life again."
The former pop star now makes regular appearances on TV presenting the National Lottery, as well as his stage ambitions, which could take him to Broadway if the show's producers get their way.
"They want to bring me to do it on Broadway. They're really excited about bringing me over, making a story out of it and getting on the telly there. I'm waiting to see what happens," he added.

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