Sunday, April 14, 2013


A pair of pigeons in the fountain

so romantic to Attract beat my feelings
In fantasy, I see your presence
there beside you with a smile, my world seemed so different.

I looked at the sky
that was whispered into my heart
like a dream being played back
where you and me, love tying
Similar in a promise.

my musings beats the stroking time
I Realized my longing thee that never culminate
probably should not have too much love separated
directly uncertain feelings
I remember all the sad and happy that you're not even willing to forget it.
Leaving the memories so sharp fragments
imprint so deep, so hard for me to not remember it.

I know my world smaller Became
survival difficult to guess,
I would be utilized to keep waiting for my entire life
so that our dreams can be Realized together with
the end of the story we write together.

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