Sunday, July 15, 2012

reminds me of you

I cut off my hair 
Put some red on every nail on my feet 
I think it's pretty 
I repainted all the rooms 
Got a cat that I named June, obviously 
I think she's happy 
Friends threw some parties 
I've been to them all there's not one that I missed 

And I've tried to spend my time with somebody new 
But everyone 
Still reminds me of you 
And tried to play some songs that change my point of view 
But every sound 
Still reminds me of you 

I've done some walking 

Listen to the people talk on the street 
I don't feel lonely 
I saw some movies 
But your face kept coming back on the screen 
I think I'm crazy 
Can't make decisions 
I could use some more distractions today 

I wonder where did I go wrong? What made you gone? 
How I hate to feel alone ....!!!!!!


Do you feel too Yul Brillianto ??

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